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Get your Business on the Road to Recovery

Logo Recovery Works

Get your Business on the Road to Recovery

When substance use affects the health of your organization, there’s a new direction in how to handle it.

It’s called the Recovery Friendly Workplace initiative – and it can take your business to better morale, better bottom-line performance, and happier, healthier, loyal, long-term employees.

Being a Recovery Friendly Workplace is good economic policy. It’s also good HR and healthcare policy.

And it starts right here.

Latest News

Labor Department Surveys Employers on Recovery Friendly Workplaces

“The Connecticut Department of Labor is surveying employers for input on a program for recovery friendly workplaces.An RFW is an…
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State Launches Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative

“Three state agencies have launched a program encouraging employers to help employees struggling with substance use disorders.The departments of Labor,…
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The Road to Recovery:

Steps to becoming a Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW)

Do an Internal Assessment

Examine your current workplace culture, policies, and practices

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Build Consensus

Enlist the support of key stakeholders, especially managers and supervisors.

Make a Declaration

Use the toolkit to craft a policy statement, declaration and company-wide email

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Mobilize State and Local Resources

Work with experts who know the issues and the necessary actions that can help

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Designate a Peer Champion

If possible, use employee volunteers as on-site recovery coaches.

Make Resources Available

Involve appropriate support groups (such as AA, NA, & LiveLOUD) for peer-to-peer help

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Training & Education

Recovery Friendly Workplace training for all levels is available, online or in-person.

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Do an Annual Assessment

Measure progress by identifying and tracking key metrics each year.

Keep Going!

Like recovery itself, becoming a Recovery Friendly Workplace is a process. Keep at it.